Monday, January 24, 2011

Why the California Cannabis Hemp & Health Initiative?

LEGALIZATION IN 2012 is about more than recreational cannabis. It's about legalizing HEMP--our planet's most renewable resource for fuel, paper, fiber, paint, plastic, protein, medicine, essential fatty acids, and more.

Legalizing HEMP through the CCHH initiative will help us reduce our dependence on oil and protect the environment.

Legalizing HEMP will bring an end to deforestation for paper.

Legalizing HEMP will create an industrial hemp industry that will allow manufacturers of hemp products to buy their supply right here on our own soil instead of outsource to Canada, South America, and China--which is currently the leading producer of hemp worldwide.

Legalizing HEMP is equally as important as legalizing cannabis for medical or recreational use.

The Cannabis Hemp and Health Initiative, which hemp icon Jack Herer supported and fought for until his death, will LEGALIZE RECREATIONAL CANNABIS AND HEMP IN CALIFORNIA IN 2012. Prop. 19, the failed legalization initiative of 2010, itself would not have legalized hemp, although it would have allowed cities and counties the option to legalize industrial hemp on a local and county level. But CCHH will legalize commercial production of HEMP outright.

More hemp is exported to the United States than to any other country, and the U.S. is the only developed nation in which industrial hemp is not an established crop. Legalizing HEMP in 2012 will allow California's farmers to participate in what is nationally a $350 million industry by cultivating hemp, and it will create a new "billion-dollar crop" that not just California, but the entire country would benefit from. Many states--including conservative ones--have already made the cultivation of industrial hemp legal. Now it is our turn.

Read the California Cannabis Hemp & Health Initiative and please donate generously to help get this historic initiative placed on the ballot. Go to



Dannabis Ruderalis said...

Absolutely! I have read the initiative, I cried.
I am an activist for one reason; to, hopefully, keep my brothers and sisters from EVER going to jail or being persecuted for the comsumption of cannabis, in any of its forms.

After decades of harassment and propoganda telling us that we are evil for consuming Cannabis, that we are piblic enemy number one, now they want to "Assume Control" over it?

I for one say NO WAY! I will collect signatures, We will vote and teach other felons how to do so as well.(legally!)

Now lets talk about the initiative. I will address the only criticism I have heard with what I can only assume to be the underlying intentions. ( I wasn't there)

21 year old age limit. I may not think it is Just, but I understand it. Since 1996 we have fought for Medical Cannabis. Each time we gain ground there are lengthy delays caused by the bureaurocracy that is attempting to styfle us. There were no pre-existing state laws to use as a framework or template. This has caused delays to this day. So what if we base the initiative on PRE EXISTING laws? The wine vinyard model.

Individual ownership, able to sell to the public, open establishments, operate in compliance with state laws, with pre existing precidents! I know it is a tough pill to swallow Kids, but lets all look out to the future of tomorrow.

Is it unjust and unfair that the Alcohol age is 21? Some may think so. If so do you think you will be able to affect more change only using Alcohol as your grievance or do you think the "Unjust Age" movement would garner more momentum if you had the support of all cannabis Consumers 18-20, and a few of us freedom loving old fogies as well?

So I am asking you to do something that is admittedly un-youth like, dont think of how you are being treated today, but look to tomorrow and see how all of us can be treated. With respect as cannabis consumers!

Last years initiative garnered a lot of commentary about how we can "fix" the law once it is passed. Historically the easiest thing to have changed in any existing law is the "who it affects" portion, not the how much we tax portion, so I expect all the "half of a loaf" crowd to be behind this 100%

Dannabis Ruderalis
Vice Coordinator

Mikey J said...

This looks great! How can everyone get involved? We can all help get this CCHHI 2012 on the ballot! Help put on local events in your area! We now have a Pay Pal up to collect donations for the CCHHI 2012!
Thank you Dragonflower for setting this up and let the blogging begin!

mikey j said...

Today we received a donation of $5,000 to the CCHHI 2012! This a a great blog spot and Dragonflower did an excellent job with the layout!
Great words Dannabis,as well! This is a great combo-Dannabis and Dragonflower! Great start so far!
I will post this blogspot on my website as well!
Thanks and let's get the conversation flowing!
Mikey J

Anonymous said...

Mike Amoroso here! cheech and chong?! willy nelson!?my friends and family are not criminals! they really do not understand.these people ae heros of ours!
honestly congress you Lobbyist suckin infections! the facts about hemp will not fade away...we know its the Lobbyists acting against the people! We Know! We also know....Hemp building materials are carbon sinks!
Hemp seeds will -end- animal food sources! hemp oil is clean and super powered fuel for engines and heating fuel.
All land erosion in the country from wild fire or flood can be stopped in 6 months with cannabis plants!
paper made from hemp could with hemp building supplys end the need for killin trees!!!
Smoking cannabis allows for easy transition from cooked dead food to living healing healthy food given that its the remedy for enzymeless food poisoning with 17,000yrs medical records to prove it!!!
The info on omega fatty acids reversing deep depression and extreme anger are profound wisdoms for anyone concerned with their healing emotions.
When combined as sprouts with Kamut sprouts as daily food you get 150 grams of globular complete amino acid chain protien plus the human bodies perfect balance of omega 3,6 and 9 fatty acids in abundance,the kamut wheat berries when sprouted contain the earths most powerful combination of edible sugars.completeing the daily food recomendations from the fda in two small handfulls a day!add an apple or other fruit and your in perfect health.
You see the food from the cannabis seed whole and intact to sprout is what we need as a nation to focus on.With the correct living food going into our bodies we will not need the remedy of the flowers to free us from the fear,hate, anger and suffering which are the symptoms of enzymreless food poisoning.
smoking through the skin in omega fatty acid rich steam baths is the old way is very cool to for the sick.If you care to look you will see the old way in digs around the world."7,000 year old charred hempseeds in vessel"etc.found in sweat lodges.

There are so many reasons for hemp, way too many valid logical reasons,yet still the main one is= this law against cannabis is unjustly jailing and defaming our family and friends and the people want it to stop now.every Ameican has a Herb Lover as a loved one.

mikey j said...

Let's rise up for relegalization in 2012,people!
This is the time to push for our dreams and let the Universe answer our prayers,through action!
Let us activate to liberate this Cannabis Hemp Plant in 2012!
Let's raise the one million dollars needed to get this thing on the ballot!