Monday, January 24, 2011

Why the California Cannabis Hemp & Health Initiative?

LEGALIZATION IN 2012 is about more than recreational cannabis. It's about legalizing HEMP--our planet's most renewable resource for fuel, paper, fiber, paint, plastic, protein, medicine, essential fatty acids, and more.

Legalizing HEMP through the CCHH initiative will help us reduce our dependence on oil and protect the environment.

Legalizing HEMP will bring an end to deforestation for paper.

Legalizing HEMP will create an industrial hemp industry that will allow manufacturers of hemp products to buy their supply right here on our own soil instead of outsource to Canada, South America, and China--which is currently the leading producer of hemp worldwide.

Legalizing HEMP is equally as important as legalizing cannabis for medical or recreational use.

The Cannabis Hemp and Health Initiative, which hemp icon Jack Herer supported and fought for until his death, will LEGALIZE RECREATIONAL CANNABIS AND HEMP IN CALIFORNIA IN 2012. Prop. 19, the failed legalization initiative of 2010, itself would not have legalized hemp, although it would have allowed cities and counties the option to legalize industrial hemp on a local and county level. But CCHH will legalize commercial production of HEMP outright.

More hemp is exported to the United States than to any other country, and the U.S. is the only developed nation in which industrial hemp is not an established crop. Legalizing HEMP in 2012 will allow California's farmers to participate in what is nationally a $350 million industry by cultivating hemp, and it will create a new "billion-dollar crop" that not just California, but the entire country would benefit from. Many states--including conservative ones--have already made the cultivation of industrial hemp legal. Now it is our turn.

Read the California Cannabis Hemp & Health Initiative and please donate generously to help get this historic initiative placed on the ballot. Go to